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Alhamra Islamic Active Allocation Plan-II

Investment Objective

Alhamra Islamic Active Allocation Plan-II is a Shari’ah Compliant Islamic Asset Allocation Plan with an objective to earn a potentially high return through active asset allocation among Shari’ah Compliant Islamic Schemes based on the Fund Manager’s outlook of the asset classes.

Investment Policy

The Alhamra Islamic Active Allocation Plan-II will be actively allocated among Shariah Compliant Collective Investment Schemes (Islamic Equity and Islamic Income Schemes) and cash and/or near cash instruments.

Authorised Investment

Shariah Compliant Islamic Schemes of the Management Company, Islamic Bank and / or Islamic Banking windows of conventional bank account and GoP Ijara Sukuk of not exceeding ninety (90) days maturity.


  • Shariah Compliant Investment under the Supervision of Reputed Shariah Advisors.
  • By investing in ALHIAAP-II you can avail Tax Savings benefits.
  • A Platform to get high absolute returns by investing in Equity and Fixed Income.
  • Active management of risk and return, by our team of experts.
  • Start your savings with as low as Rs. 500.

Quick Facts

Launch Date 16th June 2017
Fund Type An Open End Scheme
Currency PKR
Minimum Investment 500 /-
Fund Manager Syed Abid Ali
Asset Manager Rating AM1 (AM One) by PACRA (06-Oct-2020)
Pricing Mechanism Forward
Trustee Digital Custodian Company Limited (Formerly MCB Financial Services Limited)
Auditor EY Ford Rhodes, Chartered Accountants

Latest Expense ratio of the Fund is updated in the FMR (Fund Manager's Report).